Divi Breeze

Build visually with advanced Divi technology and our component library. Seamlessly integrate and sync design with WHMCS.

Divi Breeze Theme
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Latest Update

Jun 22, 2022

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Support / Updates

12 Months Included


Owned - $119

Theme Features
Pre-designed content kit elements. Automatic WHMCS sync.

Content Kit

Selectively or automatically import all demo elements and media as content kit.

Theme Builder

Visually build and customize your WordPress site. Use Divi theme builder to edit and sync header and footer to WHMCS.

Divi Sync

Sync Divi designed header and footer to WHMCS with 1 click. Zero maintenance without template file edits or modifications.

Integration Performance
Native Smarty integration of Divi Breeze in WHMCS is at least 7 times faster when compared to WHMCS bridge module.
Load time
554 msfrom 7.91 sec
Increased by1427%
19from 57
Increased by300%
Time to Interactive
0.5 sfrom 3.5 s
Increased by700%
* Measured by Pingdom Tools / Lighthouse

WHMCS Integration

Native WHMCS integration is included via WordPress API. No slow bridge modules. No manual file edits.

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