Top Bar Alerts

The smart way to deliver important messages to your clients in WHMCS using unobscured bar that can be placed at the top, bottom or inside the content area.

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Latest Update

Dec 19, 2022

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Support / Updates

12 Months Included


Owned - $39

Module Features
Improved UX and easier access to control panel.

Module Updates

Includes 12 months of support and access to latest updates. Can be optionally renewed at $9/yr.

Design Customization

Change bootstrap default colors for any of the contextual alert type. Includes editable notification templates.

Client Segmentation

Target clients with or without a certain product, service or server. Display to guest users, client groups or just a list of selected clients.

Flexible Placement

Place alerts in header, static footer or anywhere in the content area with a custom anchor. Set date and time when your alert is active.

Multiple Languages

Top bar alerts can be set for multiple languages in WHMCS. Provide extra level of personalization for the customer.

Force Display

Option to force display dismissed alert on every login, or set hourly intervals to resume display after the alert is closed.

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