Elementor Sync

Use Elementor Pro theme builder to create your own footer, header, top bar and effortlessly sync to WHMCS theme Six. No coding skills needed.

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Elementor Sync

Module Details

Latest Version


Update Date

April 24, 2020

Required Technology

Elementor ProWhmcs

Support / Updates

12mo Included





Native Smarty integration of Elementor Sync is at least 7 times faster when compared to WHMCS bridge module.

Load time
554 msfrom 7.91 sec
Increased by1427%
19from 57
Increased by300%
Time to Interactive
0.5 sfrom 3.5 s
Increased by700%
* Measured by Pingdom Tools / Lighthouse
  • Module Updates

    12 months of support and access to update is included. Optional renewal is $9.99/yr.

  • Native Integration

    Native integration of Elementor Sync module is built for performance. There is no overhead, frames or unused scripts.

  • Minimal Blue Style

    Use default theme Six design or switch to Minimal Blue style for a clean look that is better designed for header and footer integration.

  • Use Theme Builder

    Use the power of Elementor Pro to customize header, footer and other parts of your theme. Sync to WHMCS with a single click.

  • No Maintenance

    Virtual override with no active template modifications required. WHMCS updates will not reset your customized template.

  • Placeholders

    Use placeholders for WHMCS breadcrumbs and page title. Allows extra customization and clean integration.

Pricing / Upgrade

Elementor Sync

WHMCS addon module to sync Elementor header and footer templates designed in theme builder.

  • Native Integration

  • No Maintenance

  • Minimal Blue Style

Elementor Azul

Elementor integrated hosting theme with widgets and WHMCS sync addon module. Complete solution with matching client area and orderform.

  • Native Integration

  • No Maintenance

  • Minimal Blue Style

  • Hosting Widgets

  • Azul Orderform


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