Elementor Sequence

Build faster in real time with Elementor and our unique component library. Copy and paste pre-made layouts and widgets.
Latest Version
Latest Version
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  • Lifetime Owned
  • 12 Months Included
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Theme Features

Responsive Everything

Live responsive previews allow you to create custom changes for mobile breakpoints.

WHMCS Integration

1 click sync of front end footer and header content to WHMCS via WordPress API.

Import & Export

Save existing or new layouts to library. Import pre-made layouts, export customized versions.

Copy & Paste

Jump-start your site design by copying and pasting carefully crafted pages, premade sections, rows and components like buttons or pricing tables.

Custom Elements

Elementor Sequence includes custom designed elements that can be mixed and matched for a unique look that will help your brand stand out of the crowd.


Elementor Sequence has a perfect Lighthouse score and represents the 98th percentile, a top-performing site.

Native Integration

Native integration of Sequence Elementor is typically faster by 7x when compared to WHMCS bridge module.

WHMCS Bridge
First Meaningful Paint
2.9 s
Time to Interactive
3.5 s
Elementor Sequence
First Meaningful Paint
0.4 s
Time to Interactive
0.5 s

* Time to interactive (the amount of time it takes for the page to become fully interactive) was measured using Lighthouse 4.3.1

* First Meaningful Paint (when the primary content of a page is visible) was measured using Lighthouse 4.3.1