Project Provisioning

1 Site License – $34.99
Save time and automatically create WHMCS project with predefined tasks when your client purchases product, service or addon.


Includes 12 months of access to all updates. Access to new features. Optional renewal at $9.99/year.


Complete projects faster by using deployment automation and make your processes flow nice and smoothly.

Priority Support

12 months of priority support is included with full access to major and minor updates.

Due Dates

Set custom due dates for each specific project provisioning and keep client informed about the turnaround times.

Assign to Staff

Assign the project to trained staff user as soon as the order is placed. Minimize errors and improve productivity.

Product Addons

Works with products and product addons. Deploy project when addon is ordered along with main product.

Latest Version
Latest Version
  • Lifetime Owned
  • 12 Months Included

Under the Hood

Use Cases

Designers can sell “Logo Design” service. Once the order is placed via WHMCS, the module will provision a new project with tasks to collect required information from client, approve color scheme, choose typography, define initial sketch and provide final output files.

Hosting Providers may provision a project for a “Custom Server” order. The task may include Memory Installation, Hard Drive partitioning, OS installation, IP assignment, Website Migration and more.

The project can be assigned to a specific admin and support department.

Web Developer can sell a more complex “Website Design” project. Once the service is ordered, the module will provision a new project with tasks to Install CMS, Create Content Pages, Configure Navigation, Test Mobile, etc. Ticket opens to notify staff or request additional information from a client.

Renewal action can be set for project or tasks if client requires paid monthly maintenance or content updates. 

IT service provider can sell “Computer Repair” package. Once the order is complete, the project will be created with tasks to Remove Malware, Repair Windows Services, Install Updates, Install Antivirus, Reboot and Test, etc.

Module can also help with maintenance plan setups and renewal action can take place.