Elementor Sync

Use Elementor Pro theme builder to create your own footer, header, top bar and effortlessly sync to WHMCS theme Six. No coding skills needed.
Elementor WHMCS Sync

Native Integration

Native integration of Elementor Sync module is typically faster by 7x when compared to WHMCS bridge module.

Zero Maintenance

Elementor Sync works with theme Six without template file modifications. Activate addon module and hit sync!

Use Theme Builder

Use the power of Elementor Pro to customize header, footer and other parts of your theme. Sync to WHMCS with a single click.

Latest Version
  • $49.95
  • Lifetime Owned
Support / Updates
  • 12 Months Included
  • $9.99/yr Renewal

Native Integration

Elementor Sync is designed for performance and does not have script overhead, redirects or unused code.

Time to Interactive (WHMCS Bridge)
3.5 s
Time to Interactive (Elementor Sync)
0.5 s

Time to interactive (the amount of time it takes for the page to become fully interactive) was measured using Lighthouse 4.3.1 and Elementor Hello theme.

Design in Theme Builder

Edit pre-designed templates or create a new header and footer from scratch in Elementor Theme Builder. Sync to WHMCS with one click.
Elementor Theme Builder for WHMCS sync

Page Title & Breadcrumbs

Set dynamic WHMCS page title and breadcrumbs in your sub header template.

Drag & Drop

It’s very easy to create footer and header in the Theme Builder. Just drag, drop and adjust!

One Click Sync

Sync any header and footer template from the library to WHMCS using Elementor Sync module.

Get Started with Elementor Sync

Eliminate maintenance efforts and sync elementor header and footer to WHMCS without performance penalty.